Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nothing is ever as it appears - Last Factory Visit

Nothing is ever as simple as it appears to be. Through designing and developing footwear, I have a new way of looking at life. Literally every single thing we encounter in our daily lives can be treated as a metaphorical onion. Peel away the appearances one small layer at a time, and you will discover a whole new world behind everything in life. This is what manufacturing has taught me so far.

To make 1 pair of shoes, there are about 10+ factories involved. Here is one of the very first steps - last making. Footwear (with the exception of very few) are made on lasts. Lasts are foot-like objects made to give shoes their shapes. Its a finessed skill only a few has mastered.

Annnd, I couldn't resist. The calmest and most adorable husky as the factory guard dog.

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