Thursday, January 3, 2013

Skulls, and More Skulls - The Fem Edition

So for my first blog entry of the year, I want to shout "Ok people, let's all get cozy with skulls" to celebrate my recent obsession with the imagery.

I don't know exactly when I realized that skull imageries have become a big fashion trend (perhaps somewhere between Tim Burton's Magical Fashion - Harper's Bazaar Oct '09 , and my recent trip to a Chinese supply market that sold skull everything), but this rendition of skulls seem to have its own whimsey and light-heartedness.

Traditionally, skulls are associated with goths, punk-rockers, troublemakers, and degenerates. Oh, and let's not forget the late Alexander McQueen, who was very much a fan of the dark imagery. Today, however, they are often fun, feminine, and mischievous. In a way, I think this skull is very representational of females in today's world - tough and irreverent, but yet feminine and thoughtful.

Here are some interesting skull related findings that reminded me of my connection. Enjoy.

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