Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Conceptual Footwear Design Project: Kabuki Beach

Designing for a specific market or segment of customers often restricts designers' creativity because of a number of factors. After all, it is a business and selling is everything. For this particular creative design project, however, we had no restrictions (gasp!). Working in teams of 2, we were given a theme and the requirement of 2 designs each person for a line, as well as a shoe box for the line.

Before I get into the content, I want to point out the fact that the project was a small in class competition, and my team WON it. =) My team chose the theme Kabuki Beach because neither of us knew anything about it, and the quick google search returned some amazing visual materials, so we were all over it.

Kabuki theater is a form of classical Japanese dance performance that is known for the stylization of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by its performers. Together with beach, which is a natural occurring landscape that is often associated with peace and relaxation, the theme becomes an interesting design challenge that we needed to resolve. My teammate and I decided to focus on the make-up masks worn by the actors because they embody the drama of Kabuki, but at the same time possess a sense of simplicity.

Kabuki Theater Mood

Design 1

(original design rendered in marker and color pencils)

Design 2

(original design rendered in marker and color pencils)

Shoe Box Front

Shoe Box Back

Collapsible for Storage
(made with cardboard pieces and canvas fabric, painting done in marker and fabric paint)

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