Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Sh** is Weird, I freaking Love It!

Comme des Garcons Spring 2012 RTW collection is probably one of the weirdest collections of this runway season, which is not surprising because the label has been known for delivering uber avant garde concepts that often leave the audiences scratching their heads. I can't seem to stop thinking about the collection after I saw pictures. I gasped when I first saw it, and it left such deep impression that I felt the urge to even write about it.

The collection hardly used any colors - white and a hint of black, and that's it. All the intrigues purely come from the silhouettes and textures. Any designers would tell you that this method is extremely hard to master because color is the first thing we notice and without it, we become bored very quickly. This collection has plenty of other things to keep your interests though. The silhouettes remind me of paper dolls because they are stiff, sculpted and possesses a certain innocence. The gigantic sleeves, the arm bondage, and the hoop baskets all contributed in making this collection truly memorable and outrageous.

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