Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chairing Style: A Love and Hate Relationship with Challenges

I always love a good challenge because it forces us to think beyond our normal realms. Last quarter, I had the chance to apply to a special project class @FIDM, which is only offered once a year - Charing Styles, and I went for it. I remember being so intrigued by this idea when I first visited FIDM for admission. Fashion design students who are accepted into this class (10 total) will get to collaborate with an interior design student and a textile design student to create a pair of coordinated chair and dress using the same fabric. It sounded like awesome fun, and well.... a good challenge.

The course is taught by 2 teachers, and the theme this year is "road trip on historic route 66" - a blend of vintage 60's/70's feel. 3 weeks into the class, I am ready to pull all my hair our and thought about giving up here and there, but I know I won't. So this got me thinking about the idea of challenges. It is never fun when going through it because the process is always frustrating, and tear jerking (yes, tears). What keeps me going is the end results. I am sure all the frustration and stress will all seem worthwhile when I see my dress going down the runway in March 2012. Oh, and of course, the possibility of winning over $10,000 scholarship money.

The Print I am working with:

My Preliminary Design: 2 piece Romper + Skirt for Convertibility

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