Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Valentino Inspired Bustier - Highlight of My 4th Quarter @FIDM (among other things)

In my Draping and Garment Construction II class, we had to design and make a bustier inspired by Valentino. It was one of the more fun projects to work on since I started school because I love Valentino, and bustier construction was very much a challenge that I was happy to conquer. This garment has 3 layers: lining, foundation with boning, and the outer shell. I learned so much through this exercise, and to my surprise, I was actually happy with the end product. 

The bustier took on Valentino's feminine softness, incorporated his favorite ruffle details, and yet, it was still me - subtly dramatic and theatrical. 

The drawings depicted the bustier and an imaginary skirt:

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Pippa said...

Love the illustration, so gorgeous!