Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Shoe Things for this Spring

Spring is right around the corner (or if you live in LA like I am, it seems that Spring never really left), gearing up for a new wardrobe is always exciting. This Spring, shoes have returned to more reasonable height (thank god), and VERY colorful. Same with clothes, if you ever catch yourself looking into the mirror and wondering, is this too much? you are on the RIGHT track. Go for the crazy wild colors, prints, and miss-matches, they all work!

There are some shoe finds to admire on @ShopItToMe  for today:

style #309481401 camel pleated patent slingback wedges
Miu Miu camel pleated patent slingback wedges $440.00

Yves Saint Laurent crocus suede 'Gipsy 105' platform sandals $636.00

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