Friday, February 4, 2011

A Designer's Design Journal - Where The Outrageousness and Craziness Collide

The funniest thing that I have done so far since I started school at FIDM has got to be this design journal. I am assigned to compile 40 pages of ideas by the end of March. Sounds daunting at the first, but as soon as I started, this hidden energy within me just exploded. I couldn't stop thinking about it and drawing in it. I absolutely love the creative freedom that I finally have, and to my surprise, the faster I worked, the better I liked my work. Something about the speed stopped me from over thinking and over analyzing, which only took the freshness and spontaneity out of my work. Ideas are exactly that, they should be fresh and spontaneous (we can always flush out the concepts later for a final version.) Action really is louder than anything else, and I am loving it!

Some pages that I have done so far:

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Shining Light said...

your designs remind me of flowers. especially the flaring blue dress. elegant and full of life. i love it.