Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcomed the New Year with a good dose of luck, some Annoyance, and some not-so-funny Humor

Happy New Year! (I know it's overdone and repetitive at this point, but absolutely necessary.) I survived another NYE celebration, and finally got motivated to write this entry. So here it is.

I experienced my first west coast NYE (as a resident) outdoors because well, I can! Together As One was a good time. I danced my night away, did the New Year's count down with some of my favorite people in this entire world, and managed to not lose anything! I couldn't ask for more.

A good dose of Luck:
We managed to get into the venue relatively fast because we found a shortcut behind the porter potties (yeah, I know). People were definitely stuck outside for a loooong time, and some didn't even get in at all (with VIP tickets nonetheless).

Some Annoyance:
So crowded EVERYWHERE we turned, but since NYE is one of the hottest nights to party, there was no way that we could've escaped that (acceptance is the key).

Some not-so-funny Humor:
This was the highlight of my night actually. My bf put down his jacket next to him, and a second later, it was gone. We looked around for it, but no luck. He wasn't too upset about the jacket, and forgot about the whole thing pretty quickly. Then, miraculously, a guy walked up to him asking for a light. I turned around looked at his jacket inquisitively, then reached into the front pocket, and found my belongings! I yelled, hey, that's his jacket! The guy looked around, said "my bad", and then ran away. I am sorry dude, you can wear the jacket, but it doesn't want to wear you, so... back off.

If NYE 2011 is an indication of 2011, then I am very much looking forward to it. =)

I was trying to say 1/1/11....


Nancy said...

OMG I LOVE THE NEON FUR!!! FAB FAB sad i missed out!!! counting down the 3 months til we will see you guys again!! w00t! <3

Andrew Hong said...

spikey bird!!