Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Harajuku Fascination

To be fashionable, people follow trends, and stay on top of new changes in the fashion world. To be fashionable, however, could have other meanings completely. Lately, I have been completely fascinated by Harajuku Fashion - a form of Japanese street fashion originated from the areas around the Harajuku train station, but now, they can be spotted here and there world-wide. This other-worldly idea and style has made an impact on many people's lives. I find it so amazing that a group of people, a subculture, that is so completely opposite from mainstream, could have such effects on world culture. Perhaps, eroticism helped its spread, but it is nonetheless inspirational. To be opposite, to be outrageous, and to be above the norm seem to be the success recipe.

At first glance, Harajuku fashion seems to be tacky costumes gone wrong, but looking closer, what seems to be a well-thought out fashion "non-trend" becomes apparent. These outfits are carefully "non-coordinated" to express the individual's Harajuku alter-ego, and in a way, gives the individual the permission to be someone else all together. I love that idea.

Harajuku Fashion in Japan:





Harajuku in American mainstream culture:

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Stylo said...

Isn't there elements of Harajuku in Anime?

If so, that was my first introduction to it many years ago...