Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion District in Downtown LA Is Every Creative Person's Dream

Downtown LA isn't exactly the most glamorous area of the city, and it has its own problems.  I, however, fell in love with this place because the different districts within downtown, such as the Jewelry District, Toy District, and most importantly, the Fashion District.  I have heard mixed opinions about it (you can read for yourself on Yelp:, but I quickly formed my own opinion soon after I moved here - I FREAKING LOVE this mess.

The intensity and density of the Fashion District is overwhelming.  Shops after shops of cheap clothing, handbags and shoes lined the streets.  You will find very interesting stuff if you dig.  I am particularly interested in the fabric and embellishment shops though.  They are every creative person's dream!  Shops and shops of interesting fabric, embroidery, beads, buckels, feathers, you name it.

If you are ever in LA, and want some visual stimulation, visit the Fashion District!

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