Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Starting Over

It really has been too long since my last entry, however, I have a good excuse - I just moved across the US of A to the left coast for a new life!  It was hectic and full of nonstop actions.

Michelle and I drove across the country in 4 days, and it was truly a blast.  Seeing the middle America was amazing - to my surprise, since I have always been told that there is nothing much in the middle.  Not much population or infrastructure perhaps, but breath-taking sceneries were everywhere.  I have never seen land as open and as flat as Kansas.  I have never seen landscape as dramatic as Utah.  I have never drove at such a high speed for such a long time in Arizona - hahaha.   I would do it again.

Kansas - Where is Dorthy?

Colorado - Flurry in JUNE??!

Utah - Wild Wild West!

I, now, officially reside in Los Angeles, CA with a LA address.  Everything I know is far far away.  When I officially switch my driver's license to the State of California, I can call myself a Californian and hopefully by then, I have made friendly with LA.

Starting over is difficult, hectic, frightening, and very expensive.  Is it worth it?.... Abso-f***ing-lutely.... 

My Entire Life in One Hybrid Car


testpilot said...

aghh, you came through Denver without stopping?! Call it tunnel vision, I guess.
If your x-country trips bring you through Denver again, I can be your tourguide.

...... said...

I had lunch in Denver!! along with some very quick photo moments. Lovely city, but cooooold. =)