Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some Nostalgia: Once Upon A Time, there was the PB & J Duo...

The PB & J duo was what my best friend Michelle and I called ourselves in college (we even had a Facebook fan club - it can't get anymore official than that!).  She was the jam because she is sweet and liked by everyone; and I was the peanut butter, a little nutty grainy, and people loved or hated me.

It has been a little while since those not-so-innocent days, and PB&J has had its ups and downs.  Our friendship has endured unpredictable changes that life threw at us, and we matured.  We made it through, as individuals, as friends, and as family members.  

This month marks the 4th year of me being in the Washington, DC metro area, and also the beginning of my journey to the west coast to pursuit my dreams.  She is going to be with me until the end.  I painted this painting for her birthday, which was in May, and I also see it as a parting gift - something to remind her that we MUST keep on looking for treasures in life and pursuit our dreams.

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candice said...

awwww, sweeeet jus like a pbj samich.. puahah.

can't wait to see you guys thursday! safe travels