Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manolo Blahnik - His Sketches Initiated My Fascination For Shoes

Okay, now after a few weeks of life rambling, let's go back to shoes and fashion!  I woke up today, and started pondering about why I am so determined to become a shoe designer - a question that has been asked of me on many occasions.  My answer has always been that I love the curves of the heel, the smell of glue and leather, and the fact that the design is structurally contained.

Today, however, I thought about something else.  Manolo Blahnik was an inspiration for me when I was in college studying art, which preceded my decision to pursuit this shoe dream.  I borrowed design books from the University Library and drooled over every one of his fantastic sketches.  His sketches had attracted and inspired me first and foremost, and then the shoes.   He was - and still is, a shoe legend, who produced GREAT shoe sketches.  So perhaps after today, I will tell people that I wanted to draw beautiful shoes out of pure imagination, and thats why I wanted to become a shoe designer.

(I really wished that whenever I thought of him, I didn't associate the name with that SATC BS.)

Some Manolo Drawings

And for those who would rather have the real thing:

black pony hair 'Martaga' wide buckle sandals $612.00 (Bluefly)

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Shining Light said...

i love his sketches. Makes me want to wear his shoes... does look like they hurt though.

keep it up. I must keep blogging... falling behind.