Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LA Exploration Continues: Art is Everywhere - Even In A Shabu Shabu Place

Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are full of intrigues.  The eccentricity of residents can be felt everywhere, and interesting enough, I felt fit in.  

A couple of weeks ago, a friend took me to a Shabu Shabu place (the Japanese version of hot pot) in OC, and I was immediately fascinated by its interior decor.  Something about it felt right, and true to my current mental state.

The walls of the restaurant were covered by anime-esque drawings and depictions.  They were extremely cute and clean (in the Japanese way), but at the same time, very dark and disorderly.  This strong juxtaposition of soft and hard made the drawings and characters felt real.  They made me wonder, can we ever have just the cute and fuzzy without the monsters and chaos in life?  

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