Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venice is for Tourists.

[f*** me, I just accidentally deleted my finished entry. Now, let's do this again. People aka me, failed technology.]
Even though they are one of the biggest tourist traps, these fascinating Venetian masks are absolutely amazing and astonishing. Feathers, glitters, beads, shiny metals, and laces in all shades of colors... Need I go on? 10 to 25 Euros on the cheap end, and they could go up to hundreds. People are still grabbing them left and right - often without negotiating. This Venetian symbol is a lucrative business.
Then, there are your standard gondola rides. 80 Euros for 30 mins along smelly canals (apparently regulated by the city council). Like seriously? I don't think so. Even with a gondola guy offering me a 10 Euro ride with slight flirtatious undertone, I kindly refused. The idea of sitting in a narrow boat by myself when it is supposed to be a romantic activity just wasn't very appealing to me, let along being stared at by other fellow tourists.
I love Venice, well aside from the never-ending mops of tourists taking photos of absolutely anything and everything everywhere you turned, and the fact that those beautiful bridges are not luggage friendly at all. The tiny island is probably one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. The blue sky, golden roof, green water, and the reflection of the city in the canals are every artist's dream. I stood where Monet stood, and understood instantly how his impressionist paintings of Venice had their incredible light and colors.
The farmers and fish markets are lovely and extremely colorful - literally and figuratively. It was wonderful to stroll through rows after rows of fresh produce and seafood, and then discover how the same kind of vegetable could look so different in another part of the world. Supermarkets sold only packaged dry food for this obvious reason.
Lastly, the dogs, the tiny dogs, the tiny dogs that roamed around every corner of Venice and carefully chose their subjects to bark at. They, not the people, OWNED Venice.

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