Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feeling Lost, Searching for a Perspective...

I am not sure if this is a common occurrence for creative people, but I suspect it is because unless you are McQueen who lives in his own creativity and never quit turn it off, you will encounter times in life when everything just isn't as interesting.  So lately, the more I read other people's wonderful blogs, the more lost I become.  Lost because I sense my own perspective getting dull, and I feel the adverse effects because I am uninspired, repetitive and stuck in one box.  So, I ask myself this, what is my perspective in fashion and design?  Is perspective something that a person can describe in words, in sentences, or in drawings? Or is it something rather intangible but could be understood by others?  The list of questions goes on.

I haven't quit figured it all out yet, and I suspect it will take me a while with the help of some big changes in my daily life - luckily, that is going to happen soon.  So in the meanwhile, I am going to absorb as much as I can, and maybe my own perspective will emerge.

A tribute to McQueen... and the pictures kinda reflect how my creative self is feeling right now

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

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