Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shoes! It's all about the details today.

I have been slacking off with this whole blogging thing, but moving is a BI*** (I know you can relate).  It's all done now though, and my boyfriend's closet became the casualty... OH WELLZ....

Anyways, the idea of "pay attention to details" has been on my mind, and it seems to be a recurring theme lately - at work, at home, and in fashion.  Details make or break a business idea, an object, and basically 99% of other things you encounter in life.  Why are details so important? I came to the conclusion that they differentiate the good from the average, and the exquisite from the mediocre.  

So, I started gathering shoes that have wonderful details, which gave a new life to some otherwise, ordinary shapes.  I had a lot of fun drilling down the details, which is a change for me because I am definitely more of a "big picture" person.  However, I believe that I am starting to really appreciate the nitty-gritty details - in fashion, anyways.

Calvin Klein "Roxie" Ankle Strap Platform Pumps

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