Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I can't repeat this enough... but WEDGES ARE THE COOLEST.

I love shoes, I love hot shoes, I love comfortable shoes, and I definitely love hot AND comfortable shoes.  This leads me to rave about wedges.  I can't think of a better form than wedges from both consumer's and designer's perspective, and here is why:

From a consumer's point of view, wedges are probably the most comfortable high heels you can find.  They can get sky high and still feel comfortable - like you are actually walking on solid ground, instead of on a stick.  The wide range of style varieties makes outfitting a no-brainer.  Sleek dark leather wedges are appropriate for any occasions, but especially for work or the "more serious" events.  Other more playful and colorful ones can be worn to basically everything else.  Espadrille are especially comfortable, and more casual - good for a day in the sun.

and here are some cool finds.... (I just bought the SteveMadden ones... because they were on sale, and I couldn't resist!)



Now, if i put myself in a designer's perspective, I think wedges are fun to design because the sheer amount of surface area that they possess, which opens up a lot of possibilities!

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