Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do What You Wanna Do - isn't easy, but could be

Lately, people have been giving me a lot of praise for following my passion and going back to school for design - something that only seemed natural and obvious to me.  So, it really got me thinking about the whole concept of following one's passion.  Questions like why are people so fascinated with the idea (including me), why aren't more people following their passions, and why it makes others happy to know that someone out there is, have been lingering my mind. 

So I came up with some hypothesis that might explain the reactions I have been getting from people:

1.  People are nice to me, so they tell me what I want to hear while completely doubting my choice.
2.  People are truly happy for me because following one's passion is a courageous thing to do.
3.  People are happy to know that someone out there is following their heart while themselves have other constraints in life, and therefore cannot do it themselves.
4.  My decision is an inspiration for them, and has encouraged them to follow their heart as well.

My approach to this whole following my passion thing was pretty simple and direct.  I was very lost at one point, and I also was a "sell-out" because I went after money, but as soon as I was certain that what I am doing now is NOT what I want to do for the rest of my life, the whole game plan changed - I didn't linger and tried to find justifications for my "mistakes".  I do think that I was lucky because I figured out what I was passionate about at a relatively early age, and it was just a matter of going for it.  Fear and uncertainties didn't really have an effect on me because in my mind, I simply have no other options.  Period. 

I tell this to my friends all the time, and it might even sound cliche, but it is absolutely true.  When you are following your heart, life has a purpose, and it is no longer going with the flow.  You will take charge of your life, and make a playground out of it.  That's a good feeling.  So don't over think, over analyze, and just DO IT. 

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