Monday, December 28, 2009

Trying out this "Effortless Chic" way of living..

Perhaps I am still in my lazy vacation mode, or maybe I am more influenced by the new relaxed spring look than I am willing to admitt, but suddenly my morning-getting-ready routine seems tedious and unattractive.  So today, I did something different:
1. Instead of the typical blow drying with a round brush to make my wavy hair straight, I embraced the waves by scruntch my hair while blow drying, and left it a bit damp.  It saved me about 10 precious-morning minutes.
2. Instead of my typical morning make-up routine from foundation to eye shadows to mascara, I skipped ALL of that!  After applying serum, mosturizer and sunscreen, I used a plum colored eyeliner on my lower eyelides, and blush - that's all.  It saved me another 20 minutes.
The result is subtle, relaxed, but still put-together.  I think I might just stick with this for a while!

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