Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jimmy Choo, the Mystery Man behind the Scene

Jimmy Choo became a very interesting research topic because I didn't find much information about this mysterious shoe designer.  Even though the Jimmy Choo Ready-To-Wear brand is a household name, the designer himself is almost forgotten in the background.  I became very curious.  He started the company with Tamera Mellon, a British Vogue accessory editor in 1996.  5 years later in 2001, he sold his 50% stake, and is now only designing for the Jimmy Choo courture line produced under license from Jimmy Choo Ltd.
Jimmy Choo recieved awards from both Malaysia and Britian for his achievements and contribution to fashion.  He has had a very succesful fashion career without a doubt, and yet, there is something different and special about him that made me thought of things beyond fashion. 
I see the Jimmy Choo brand as work of Tamera Mellon, rather than Jimmy Choo's, and I can only imagine the true reasons behind his departure after only 5 years of collaboration.  I wonder if the designer ever regrets selling his stakes because the Jimmy Choo brand is definitely worth more today than in 2001, but I doubt money is the issue here.  After discovering all the facts about him, I get the feeling that Jimmy Choo was more into the art of designing rather than the money.  So I couldn't stop thinking about the conomdrum that designers face.  Should designers be faithful to their creative integrity knowing that it could potentially negatively impact marketability? or should marketability be the number 1 focus since the major purpose of the industry is to generate profit?  I can't seem to decide on one or another because I see the importance of both.  I suppose I will have a better insight if and when I get there.

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