Thursday, October 29, 2009

UBER comfy High Heels! Learning from my shoe obsessed experiences.

I have figured out how to spot comfortable heels, after numerous bloody try-outs (the seemingly inevitable eventuality of women who love shoes, hot shoes).  The form is extremely important, then the material.  When buying shoes that are less than 3 inches, I focus on the material because the heel is less concerning.  In this case, if the material doesn't agree with my feet, some sort of discomfort and/or blister will occur where my feet have direct contact with the shoes.  When buying shoes that are more than 3 inches, the heel and the bottom of my feet becomes my focus because the chance of getting blisters at the bottom is much higher, and the pain could be paramount.  So for me, comfortable high heels usually have a thicker heel (definite not stilettos), and some padding for the ball area (platform is a good example).

So I spotted some comfortable ones in my Salemail today (@ShopItToMe), and I thought I would share!

Pour La Victoire Paley Chain Sandals

Stuart Weitzman Teasdale T Strap Sandals with Double Platform

Vera Wang Lavender Label Faith High Heel Sandals

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