Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Designer of the Day: John Galliano, a creature in his own category

Today, I want to share my fascination for John Galliano.  He is my favorite designer currently, and there is a certain mystery about him that kept me thinking about him time after time.

Perhaps it is the intense drama of his designs and presentations, or maybe it is because the fact that he went to Ibiza and partied for a week straight after getting the job at Dior, whatever it may be, John Galliano has completely captured my attention.  I love the fact that he is daring, fearless, and most important of all, unapologetic.  I truly believe that he has taken Dior into a new era, and established a new standard for the world of Haute Couture.  His use of colors and shapes tells a story, a perspective, and I can relate to them with every heartbeat I have.  His runway shows are like scenes from some majestic fairytale stories unlike any other runway shows.  His designs always storm the world of fashion with some exaggerated, but fantastic details.  His personality is so mysterious that it is borderline other-worldly - to me at the very least.  This Gibraltarian-British fashion designer is everything that I want to see in a designer - the talent, the passion, the "weirdness", and I aspire to design like him one day.

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