Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Honor Christian Dior, the Man who Started It All

52 years ago today (although the exact date is uncertain, difference sources have documented either 10/23/1957 or 10/24/1957), a legend died due to some obscure reasons.  Christian Dior's death was mourned by the entire world because he was an institution, and he represented the best of the fashion world at the time.  What he left behind was even more significant.  He began a new era for fashion and gave the world of Haute Couture a whole new meaning.  He is still an inspiration for designers all over the world, and his influence continues long after his death.  It is rare that a single designer could have such an effect, but that was Christian Dior.  

Christian Dior was not afraid to dream and went against the conventional attitude in order to convey his creative perspective.  That was why he became such a huge success.  Learning about his life shows me that in order to make a difference, a designer must not be afraid to express his or her point of view, no matter what.

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