Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carolina Herrera, the most Elegant Lady in Fashion

She was named one of the best dressed women in the world throughout the 1970s and 1980s, which tells me that not only she understands what fashion means, she lives it.  Carolina Herrera is the definition of elegance and chich in my book.  Her designs are every "lady"'s fantasy because they capture femininity and at the same time inject confidence and elegance.  Her mastery of draping and manipulation of fabric was what had first grabbed my attention.  Then, I discovered much much more....

There is always an element of surprise in her otherwise extremely lady-like style.  They are never boring, or worse, remind you of something else.  You can immediately grasp her sense of style in her designs, especially her extraordinarily beautiful bridal collections.  I think it is extremely important for designers to establish a signature look, and express the very personal point of view to others in an effortless manner.  Her journey to establish her company and expand her empire is also very inspirational to me.  I am learning a lot from her designs and her life, and it is quite mesmerizing.

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