Friday, September 18, 2009

This Season for Shoes: Booties are Awesome

I am a shoe lover, and a wannabe shoe designer.  So, when I discover new and interesting things about shoes, I get really excited.  This season, I am liking the resurgence of one type of boots that have been largely neglected in the past - booties (I find the name hilarious, but that's another story all together).

There is a certain playfulness about the design that I really love because it doesn't quite make sense.  It's a design for boots, but yet it hardly passes the ankle.  It's meant for Fall and Winter, but yet a lot of them are peep-toes.  When you look closely at current fashion trend though, this design is perfect for this season.  It doesn't take way the "skinniness" of skinny jeans.  It allows layering of leggings and other leg accessories.  It stops where it needs to be, so all your attention is on the dress.

Now, my search for the perfect pair continues... I think I am over thinking the designs...

Pierre Hardy bootie, $1,270. Barneys New York

black leather 'Babouska' studded ankle boots, $796.00,

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Women's Annabel Bootie, $144.80,

oh DEER! Women's Smith Bootie

oh DEER! Women's Smith Bootie, $109.90,

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