Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making a Fashion Statement with Fake Eyelashes!

I have short lashes.  It doesn't matter how much mascara I use and how many different layers of primers/finishers I combine, they are still damn short.  -__-
So lately, I have been obsessed with having long lashes (I don't know what triggered that obsession because I never used to care), and been looking for alternatives.  I started using mascara.  Currently, I am using Lancome's Cils Booster XL and Maybelline's new Colossal Volum' Express® Mascara.  With both of them combined, they do add considerable volume and length to my eyelashes, I am satisfied for the most part, but I am still seeking that DRAMATIC lash-licious look though.  Fake eyelashes became the next logical evolution of my obsession. 
There are a wide range of options, from the plain black ones, to theatrical and mask-like ones.  The latter, is what I am most interested in.  If you combine that with a cool outfit and make-up, you will definitely be the scene-stealer no matter where you go.  Although, I will try to avoid looking trashy or too much like a "rave-girl" by pairing them with chiche and more mature outfits.   They are just too cool, and apparently, a very Asian trend... 
Do I have you on board now?  Here is to learn how to apply those crazy lashes (  If you do a quick google search for fake eyelashes, you will find a lot of options for reasonable prices.  Go nuts!

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