Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leggings aren't going way anytime soon, so ladies, shape up those sexy legs!

I think my liking of leggings started with my obsession with legs - long and lean legs.... oh yes.  I just sounded like a overly hormonal teenage boy, but hey, a girl could have her preferences too. 

When leggings came back to the fashion world - the only thing that I actually appreciated from this whole come back of the 80s thing, I was pretty happy.  Leggings hug the outline of legs, and make them look very sexy.  Another great thing about them is that winter no long means thick cover ups and baggy pants because leggings are surprising warm.  You can basically wear them with anything in the Fall and Winter.  Dresses, long tops, big sweaters, small shirts, the list goes on.  


Some ideas for consideration:    




Buy them:

BCBG Snack Print Leggings $78

Detail Image

Ed Hardy Kamikaze Logo Leggings $80.15


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