Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Frustrating Thing called the Creative Process

I need to come up with 10 designs for my FIDM application.  My creative wave comes and goes, which is actually rather frustrating.  I discovered that the more I sit at my desk and stare at the computer screen, the further my creative wave slips away from me.  The other day, feeling flat and uninspired, I looked out of the car window, and saw this ordinary tree, with wilted and dying flowers hanging off of it.  Suddenly, I saw something in my head.  I saw a satin brown dress that has a hint of green in its fabric.  It was a juxibosition between orderly and disorderly, and stiffness and fluidity.  It's hard to describ exactly what I had in mind without showing you on paper.  Now, how am I going to put it down on paper?  I have no idea, but I will figure it out.  It might take 5 or 10 tries, but I will figure it out.
The challenge of designing, personally speaking, is not coming up with designs themselves, but actually putting them down on paper that serves justice to the imagination.  I admire and respect those who can be so fluid with their pen and pencil, jog down whatever they have in mind, and the end result is exactly how they saw in their head.  I know that this will take a lot of practice, and I have to be patient with failures, because after all, fashion design ain't no easy business.
I continue to be frustrated, but I continue to want to create.  I guess it is really this friction generated by such conflict that keeps the creative juice flowing, that keeps us guessing and then improving, and when it is all done and over, you have got another mountain to conquer.  I guess I better get used to this feeling.... -___-

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