Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marc Jacobs' Watch Pendants: Useful, and that's about it.

Not sure if I would pay $300 (the original price) for these studded watch pendants by Marc Jacob, but I do think the idea is fun and useful.  As a girl who never wears watches (because I always forget to put them on, and finally gave up trying a while ago), this could be an awesome alternative.  It's both decorative and utilitarian, and you don't usually see that combination end up working out -- well anyways. 

Now, while I don't think these pendants are a total disaster, there is definitely room for improvement.  The ones below are cheaper than the studded ones because they are made of cheaper material, and inevitably, look cheaper as well.  They look childish, and should only worn by teenagers, which could very well be the designer's intent.  Aside from the material, the motif is also less than desireable.  Fruits? Stars? Hearts? Guitars? I know they have a lot of creative and talented people at Marc, these can't be the best shapes that they can come up with to host a watch.  What about something more abstract? What about something surreal? Or, what about something that are just plain artistic and stylish? I can think of 10 designs in my head right now!  
Then again, I am just an ordinary comsumer, and these were probably designed and made by someone in say.. Brazil or China, and Marc by Marc Jacob simply just picked them up, slapped its name and its price tag on, and marketed them.  Any profit is better than none, right?     
More at Bloomingdale.

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