Monday, July 13, 2009

Intrigued by the Valentino rose

I have always been a big fan of Valentino and its signature red color.  For the past week, however, it is something else that caught my eye.  Rose is a symbolic cliche that signifies romance, love, adoration, and femininity.  So when Valentino put its spin on the symbol, and re-introduced it in the form of handbags, ladies from all over went crazy for it - I know I did. 
In my overly active imagination, these handbags remind me of wedding bouquets and prom corsages.  They make girls feel very special because they represent those relatively rare occasions in this day and age where girls are actually treated with respect, pampered and put on a pedistal (I am not bitter, really.).  These floral creations represent everything lovely, and in some ways, these Valentino handbags serve the same purpose.
In my salemail (@ShopItToMe) today, I found one that was on sale for a incredible price:
Other styles I found:
Valentino Rose Vertigo Leather Shopper
Valentino Rose Vertigo Satchel in Cream and Red
Even more styles:

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