Monday, June 15, 2009

Art Impressions in Asia

I traveled to Asia a few weeks ago, and along the way, encountered some interesting art and artists. Art is universal and can be appreciated by anyone who has the desire to, despite language/cultural/geographical differences. I wish I had the time to dig deeper and find the real essence of art culture in Asia, but I didn't. So, I am glad that I had the opportunity to experience some.

I found this installation in Hong Kong, on the top of Victoria Peak. It is fun and very pop, reminds me of jelly beans.

A building that is printed with pop cultural icons of Hong Kong, and interestingly enough, LV logos.

I found these humorous paintings on the street of China. I haven't been able to identify the name of the artist, but according to a friend, he is really famous in China.

I visited the Art Museum of Shanghai, one of the older museums in the city. There were a couple great exhibitions on display including calligraphy by a famous calligraphist, and a bronze exhibition that captures a dark period in Chinese history. The bronze exhibition portraits the extreme differences and cruel relationships between the rich and poor, around and before WWII. It was very emotional and passionate, and I can see how much heart and soul the artists put into the show.

My last stop in Asia was Thailand, and it was amazing to see that there were so many art studios that sold the works of the studio owners. Although, I think most of the studios only produced decorative paintings to sell to foreigners at a reasonable price (to the foreigners anyways), and nothing really original or high value came out of those studios, however, I appreciate the freedom these artists and studios represented. Here, there is no trend and the influence of the outside world, they painted because they saw some beautiful/holy/unforgottable, and they wanted to capture them. Life is simple on these islands where the studios reside, life at the same time, seemed pure and meaningful.

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