Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vacation, vacation, vacation!

Finally, it is only days away from my big vacation in Asia, and I swear I could almost smell the air of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Thailand.  I can hardly contain my excitement, while still being a little overwhelmed with the details of planning.  For two and half weeks, I will be exploring the urban and rural of my designations (mostly urban though), and I am even more excited about the photo opportunities!  I hope that being away from my daily routine would inspire some hidden potentials, and if not, I am looking forward to an adventurous time and some solid material for blogging.

I have learned that with trips like this, it is always good to pack light because the sheer amount of movement, so I decided that I am only going to take a carry-on and a backpack.  This however, might spark some potential impulse shopping because I am going to some of the world's best shopping havens after all.  So the key to my packing was to take all the essentials, and leave enough room for extra stuff.  Turns out, going on vacation in the summer has it's perks: less and lighter stuff to pack!  I am sooo ready!!!

A little preview....

Hong Kong

Shanghai...(looks almost like HK... I can't tell yet...)

Paradise at last... 

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