Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The trap of glamour and glitz.

Every once in a while, we get caught up in the world around us, some more often than others, but we all do at some point. It's a dangerous trap because it causes us to lose sight of what's really important to us, and who we really are. This topic is on my mind right now because I am in hong kong, and the glamour and glitz of this tiny city is absolutely blinding. I feel overwhelmed, under achieved, and slightly insecure. In a place where there is a Chanel and a LV store almost every 10 blocks, I can't help to think about the luxury things that I don't have, but wish I did (well, I could have but chose to spent my hard earned money elsewhere, like travel). I caught myself deep in these thoughts and quickly realized that I just fell into the trap of glamour and glitz.

We all want the things that we can't have, but desperately want to obtain just to make us feel adequate in one way or another. My insecurity stemmed from comparing with others, but in the end, what's it really worth? Nothing to others… and not much to me. I admire the billionaires in the silicon valley who wears torn up jeans and a plain t-shirt the most because they have nothing to prove to anyone else, they don't need to have one thing or another to feel achieved (but I am sure they have some envied items). So in the end, it's not what we have, what we have to show for that really matters. To me, staying true to myself, and only focus on the things that's important to me personally defines how well I have lived my life.

So, good bye Hong Kong. It was good to see the wealth of the wealthy, and it was good to realize that I am still who I am. One day though, I will conquer!

Lisi Wang


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