Friday, May 1, 2009

Thinking about Colors on this very Gray day.

Ever since I started studying art, I have been fascinated by colors.  Colors speak to me like nothing else does because I associate colors with emotions and feelings.  Emotions and feelings allow me to stay true to myself, and colors seem to have the same characteristic.  without words, sound or images influencing one's view, color is the truest form of expression in my mind.  One of my college professors, and a working artist Lincoln Perry considered himself a colorist, and the idea seemed very intriguing to me.  A painter and a colorist have differences, and if you look at Lincoln Perry's art, you will understand what I mean.  His paintings are absolutely enchanting not because the forms or techniques are perfect (he is really good though), but because of his use of colors in a thoughtful and coordinated way.  His paintings and murals (his murals can be found in a number of locations, notably in the lobby of Cable Hall, University of Virginia ) provoke certain emotions in viewers, and being able to connect with viewers in the most simplistic way makes his artwork successful.

Colors have that power, and this season, I am seeing a lot of extremely bright colors, perhaps that's the fashion industry's way of combating the recession.  Regardless, I am happy to see colors, the bolder, the better.

Colors are on my mind today because it is very gray here in DC, and I desperately need some colors to cheer me up, which eventually led me down the road of wanting to wear something really colorful.  I am thinking yellow and baby blue....  

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