Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A "tailor-made" experience

My concept of shopping thus far has been associated with malls and internet sites. I have spent countless hours going through shops in malls or browsing through sites after sites to find a few things. It always has been me trying to fit the items that I like, and if I am lucky, the particular item that I desire fits me and I pay a hefty amount to buy it. My options for the item are usually limited because the item is mass produced, and there are more than enough consumers in the world who are in the same shoes as me.

So in china, I had my first tailor experience. It was in a small local fabric shop with an in-house tailor who would make anything you like from suits to blouses with the fabric you pick out, and in any style you desire (they have many style books to pick from). The tailor is very experienced and has been in the business since a young age. What a treat! The total price including fabric and labor for a full set of skirt suit and two pairs of dress pants came out to be a little under $200. I could hardly believe the price for what I am getting, but at the same time not completely shocked. By going to the tailor directly, I have cut out a lot of middle distribution cost, and by limiting the quantity of the product (for me only), I get to have the clothes made to fit me personally. I loved the idea, and wish that I can bring this tailor back home with me. Shopping for clothes now has a whole new meaning, but of course such luxury isn't a daily occurrence. So if you get the chance to visit asia, enjoy this luxury!

Lisi Wang


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