Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little toes, little toes, come out and play!

Spring came, and spread its "kindness" all over the place - you know what I am talking about, that yellow, clingy, and ever irritating pollen.  Despite the inconvenience of spring,  I absolutely love the damn season.  Spring is when the world finally gets its colors back,  and my favorite flowers - tulips blossom.  Spring is when things finally start to show some sort of life after a long and gray winter (and it always seem that way).  Spring is when creative thoughts in me and in other people around me, pop up like young grass after a good night of rain.  Spring also gives girls an excuse to purchase new and fun things!  

Today, I thought about peep toe sandals, which in my opinion, could be one of the best fashion item that exemplify spring.  Peep toe pumps are perfect for the Spring, because they reveal just enough skin of ones' feet to be sexy and mysterious.  The "peep hole" of those pump are so much fun, because they give toes personality (in my opinion, at least).  When I see girls wearing peep toe pumps, I think of little cute toes eagerly trying to break out of the hole and get a gleams of the beautiful spring scenery.  It gets even more fun when girls wear toenail polish!  The "peep hole" is also great for some breathing room because no one wants sweaty and smelly toes, which is very easily achieved by wearing leather pumps in warm weather.  So I found some very cute peep toe pumps for this spring.

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