Tuesday, April 7, 2009

these UGLY things called gladiator sandals... I hope the trend dies after this season... (I am pretty confident that it will..)

Gladiator sandals seem to be the latest fad in fashion.  After seeing them on the web, on TV, and on real people, I still don't find it appealing whatsoever.  Here is why I would NEVER wear them:

1. They are not very tasteful in form.  they might be comfortable, but they look almost peasant-like. 
2. They are not very flattering to the female form, and make girls look stubby, especially when you don't have a supermodel body.  
3. They make girls' feet look too big and too long.
4. They are hard to match a good/elegant outfit with.  
5. You look like you are trying too hard to be fashionable.... (like the poncho trend a couple of years ago, which also died quickly..)

These are even worse!

Lisi Wang
Arlington, VA

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