Friday, April 10, 2009

If I magically lost my job around my birthday, I know then that life has a better plan for me....

A bigger and better company is buying my current company.  I was thrilled for a while because that means I will have better benefits and a better looking resume.  Recently though, I found out that the current engagement I am working on has independence issues with the buyer, which means if I don't find another contract to go on, I might not get an offer.  Oh the world of Management Consulting.  All my superiors are working hard to make sure I get an offer, communicating extensively to keep me updated, and have called/emailed me to make sure that I am okay emotionally.   All this happened around my birthday, while I am reading a book on finding one's purpose for existing and how to live a life that defines personal success.  Coincidence?  I hope not... I hope there is a purpose behind all this, and I hope that I will be able to take advantage of this coincidence.

I felt almost relieved when I found out that I might not get an offer because that would force me into finding another way to survive, and another corporate job is NOT IT.  That would force changes to happen for the better, in my opinion.  So I started to daydream about what I would do if I lost my job.  It would be hectic and stressful without a doubt, but I am a believer in desperation drives greatness, perhaps this will drive me closer to my purpose for existing.  

So here is my plan: I would either sell my house or rent it out, whichever leaves me the least amount of damage.  I am thinking that would probably take about a few months to execute.  Then!  I am going to find ONE other person who is willing to give up whatever they have now, and pack up bags with me.  I am going to buy a cheap plane ticket to a random place on another continent, no where specific, and just go.  No plans, no reservations, and just figure things out as we land, as we go.  Hopefully, I will have enough money to sustain me at the very minimal level - food and shelter.  Imagine the interesting things that will happen along the way, imagine the kind of experience I will gain, and imagine how that would change my life forever.  My perspective for the world, for life, or people will never be the same.  I, will never be the same.  

Until then... I still have a job, a "good" job that enslaves me in the illusion of security and comfort.  

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