Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Visited FIDM Admission site again today to remind myself of the tasks ahead... long and struggling tasks ahead... with struggles, there will be clar

Not that long ago (in December 2008, specifically), I had a moment of clarity.  I decided that I will not be afraid anymore.  I will not be afraid to let go of what I have now, and chase after what I really want to have in the future.  I will not be afraid of failure because that fear is stopping me from achieving my full potential.  Lastly, I will not be afraid of the unknowns because not knowing means my success could have no boundaries.  My clarity steered me away from wanting to pursuit a MBA because that's me following someone else's dream.  My clarity gives me confidence to pursuit my dream that has been haunting me for the past few years - my dream of becoming a shoe designer.  

So lately, I have been following fashion blogs, fashion websites, and runway shows.  I have been reading about the fashion world, and watching what comes out of the industry.  I have become increasingly memorized by it because I discovered how much I love these stuff.  I am starting to believe that perhaps my dream will be reality soon.  First step to that reality will be going back to school and learn as much as I can about the industry and skills that are required, since I don't think I am one of those natural fashion geniuses that put out collections at age of 16.  I do believe that my dream will require a lot of hard work, and initial failures.  I am determined though because I am the only person who can make my dream a reality.

Here is a list of things I will be thinking about for the rest of this year:

Admissions Essay (2 pages Maximum) including the following:

  1. Your educational background (academic and extra curricular) and your work experience to date.
  2. Which major(s) are you considering and describe why.
  3. How long have you considered this field?
  4. The reasons you might choose FIDM among all your college choices.
  5. Your career goals and aspirations upon graduation from FIDM.
Haven't decided on which one I want to major in first, so I put both down:

Fashion Design:

Please submit ten (10) individual illustrations. Each should be on a separate sheet of paper.

Use sketching paper or typing paper that measures 8.5" x 11".
Portfolio must include:
  1. Two (2) evening wear designs
  2. Three (3) career designs
  3. Three (3) sportswear designs
  4. Two (2) other designs of your choice
NOTE: You may find inspiration for your ideas in the following:
  • Current fashion magazines, daily newspapers, history or costume books, pattern drafting and draping books, and department stores or boutiques (when looking in stores for inspiration,be aware of current silhouettes, how garments fit, skirt lengths and colors being shown.)
  • Try to understand what is happening in fashion and what direction fashion will take in the near future. Think about what would appeal to you. As we wish to evaluate your fashion awareness and creative abilities, your portfolio should reflect your interpretations of future fashion trends.
You may choose to use unclothed figure sketches [called croquis] as templates. If you choose to use a female croqui or a male croqui, simply print them, place them under your sketch paper and sketch your ideas.
If you choose to color your illustrations, you may use the following:
  1. Water color
  2. Pen and ink
  3. Felt tip pen
  4. Pastels

Textile Design:


Using a circle,square and triangle,arrange a creative design in black and white or color. The shapes may overlap and be any size, and the design must be on a piece of 8.5” x 11” paper.


Design a repeating pattern to be used to create junior apparel, OR, women’s apparel, OR, men’s apparel, OR, children’s apparel. The design must be on a piece of 8.5” x 11” paper.


Mount three (3) swatches of fabric (2” x 2” maximum)on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. Next to each swatch, draw a modified version of the pattern, showing how you would update the original pattern.


Use 8.5” x 11” paper and a medium you feel comfortable with, which may include colored pencils, felt tip pens, watercolors, etc. (please, no pastels, chalk or charcoal). Your work will be reviewed for creativity and quality of presentation.

After two years of one of the above degrees and if all goes well, I can be in very close proximity with my dream:

Advanced Study Programs under the Major of Fashion Design

The Advanced Study program in Footwear Design provides the student with a comprehensive view of the global footwear industry. It offers the students an opportunity to express creative and technical skills while acquiring a professional understanding of the decision-making process of designing, producing, merchandising, and marketing of footwear.

Now I get to work... and pray that I will get accepted to FIDM.

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Kristin said...

Wow, I love how passionate you are!! Here's a site with much better fashion croqui templates that you can use as you prepare you fashion design projects....


Good luck with everything!!