Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alexander McQueen at Target... hope it isn't another case of an awesome designer gone to the darkside and put shame to the name...

Whenever I see a high fashion designer launches a mass produced collection for stores like Target, Walmart or Kohl's, I always wonder about their motives.  Besides the money-making factor, I really can't think of another reason why high fashion designers would want to do that.  Granted, making money is what drives the industry, but what about artistic integrity?  Massive produced clothes have no integrity attached to them.  Such marketing strategy could seriously backfire in my opinion, and after seeing the McQueen Target collection, I don't know if I can see him in the same light as I used to.  Many designers have gone down that path and I definitely have mixed feelings towards it.   

The upside:
-  stellar designer names become more approachable and affordable
- ? (I am still thinking...)

The downside:
- quality suffers because they are... MASS PRODUCED
- design becomes tame, sometimes almost ugly because they try to capture high fashion in low quality clothes (or maybe they weren't meant to be high fashion, then why does the McQueen name matter...)
- designer clothes manufactured for bargain stores are still CHEAP looking
- cheap bargains actually aren't all that cheap for bargain stores
- actually... they are not even designer clothes besides the name itself.... (DUH)

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