Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Velour is an interesting material for handbags, it even fooled me into thinking its ingenious... But be aware!

Just like any other girl in this world, I too, like new and pretty things. I constantly look for the next new trend, and strive on finding my individuality in this massive produced society. I came across Juicy Couture a few years back and I was instantly attracted to its collection of handbags. I like their flamboyant princessy style that some people find cheesy and an over kill. I like the boldness of these handbags because they scream attention. Most of all though, I love the personality in each individual bag. You hardly see two identical bags because every one of them is a little different. They are accesorized differently (and yes, JC do accessorize accessories....), and with my over active imagination, I believe that each bag was made specifically for a special girl somewhere. This is why I love Juicy Couture.

This, however, is not why I am writing this blog. The biggest downfall of these cute bags is the material that they are made of - Velour. At first glance, the fuzziness makes girls want to touch them, and eventually going down the road of purchasing one. I mean after all, that's how I ended up owning one (granted, I didn't actually buy it, my bf did). After lugging it around with me for several weeks, the inevitable happened - it got dirty. I don't think I am OCD with cleanliness, but seeing the bag in such state drove me insane. It lost its alluring princessiness, after all how can a dirty bag really be princessy.... I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't have this problem if I had a leather bag. My attempt to clean it was also disappointing. After my hours of research online, and emailing Juicy Couture directly, I got some instructions. These instructions, however, led to a somewhat cleaner bag, but the original texture of Velour was gone.... That shiny smooth sheen is gone, which was what had attracted me other than its style in the first place.

So after this experience, I can't say that I would buy another one again (no promises though...), but I guess that could be their marketing strategy - short lived and addicting luxury that influences impulsive purchasing. Since they are not extremely expensive, who cares about what happens to them in a few months. If you are like me though, who does care about the quality and longevity of handbags.... Velour might not be the way to go.

 Lisi Wang
Arlington, VA

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