Monday, February 2, 2009

Need an outlet for all my pent up creative energy, so I decided to make a small spring collection....

Lately, work is really getting to me. It is not because work is overly stressful or hard; it is not because I have been over worked and underpaid; and it is not because I have been dealing with difficult people. Sounds like I really should have nothing to complain about, especially in this day and age, right? Yeah, I suppose... But I am still unhappy even when there is nothing to be upset about at all. I hate being at work and pretend that I actually care about what I do. I hate to engage in discussions with my coworkers about how well our solutions will work because I secretly believe othewise. So I started to dig for the root of this obscure problem. I realized that it is caused by my pent up creative energy and I desperately need an outlet for it before it reaches further mental destruction. I went to the fabric store, and decided that I will design and make clothes, something I used to do but haven't mastered. I want to make a spring collection that I will wear to parties. I see so many benefits to this, and I am excited.
My mind instantly started to think and had a point to focus on. A focus that I was happily devoting all my energies to. Then slowly, my unhappiness started to fade and senses came back to me. If my work isn't my passion, I need to find another outlet, so I don't end up being jaded and complacent...... This hopefully will help me to remember where my heart really is.... So when the opportunity comes, I will know what the right thing to do is, and not be lured by temptations. If work doesn't provide the kind of satisfaction as it should, find a way out, and if the way out isn't so obtainable just yet, then find an outlet that would give the satisfaction until the day comes.
Never lose sight of what is really important.... Because then, life will have no meaning. Lisi Wang Arlington, VA

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