Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Interesting find of the day: Shoes/Pumps - it is all about the texture.

Someone told me today that I often use the word "interesting" to describe my perception of things.  I started to wonder about it, and it is absolutely true that I do.  I use the word "interesting" to describe many things, such as pretty clothes, eccentric shoes, stunning handbags, spastic birds, rust marks on concrete, etc.  All things that leave an impression on me is interesting to me, things that make me say "hmmmmm", things that inspire me in different ways....   I am a light hearted person, and I find amusement in daily encounters.  I believe that when someone is able to find amusement in little things in life, they are then truly happy.  Being truly happy, however, is no easy task.  Too many things in life boggle us down, and we often lose sight of what is really important.  So I want to share the things I find interesting with the world, perhaps these little things will make someone out there happy, even just for a little bit.

I find interesting things in fashion.  Designers' imagination never cease to fascinate me... today I found these pumps that interested me.... for shoes, texture is as important as the style, in today's case, probably more important than style...

Giuseppe Zanotti Women's I86009 Pump

Via Spiga Women's Trudy Pump

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