Monday, January 21, 2008

The idea of destiny

I find it very interesting that every time something significant happens in my life, it always triggers another series of questions. Not that long ago, I was boggled with the idea of love and its importance to a fulfilling life. Fortunately or unfortunately, my questioning of such idea led me to exactly where it all started. Its a beginning of something else, the beginning of my life long journey of the pursuing of love.

Now that the one aspect of my life is becoming dreamy, I can not help but to think about the other important aspects. My destiny, my purpose, my reason of being on this earth. Many of my friends have questioned my obsession with finding "the purpose", and honestly, I question them for not being obsessed about the idea. If we don't have a reason for being, and living only for the sake of living, then we are merely wasting the opportunities that life has given to us. So yes, it is my obsession. I think I have been extremely fortunate to find my passion at a very early age - art - and everything there is to know about the simple idea. Granted, I am not actively pursuing my passion currently, but I am not forgetting my destiny. Destiny manifest in my dreams, in my ways of perceiving life, and in the clues I pick up from the day to day mundane activities. I ought to be an artist of some sort. I don't think I will become a traditional artist, and I am too materialistic to be an artist who would live life freely without concerning of making money (although, I don't see how that is possible). I need to learn as much as I can about the commercial and consumer world, I sense a vague calling. A calling from my surrounding, and what has been taught and provided to me. A calling to connect the theology and ideals of art, and the practicality of commercial capitalism. I wait... for opportunities... and signs...

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