Friday, December 7, 2007

One Step At A Time to My Personal Legend

A conversation I had with a distant friend. I think I found my path again, not as lost anymore. Passion, Patience, and Perseverance goes a long way, in fact, I think the 3 P is all we need to live a fulfilled life.

one of my goals to achieve in life
is to have an exhibition of my own
its my personal legend right? so i will do whatever i can to get there
meanwhile, I need a job that pays
I mean the two careers really don't conflict with each other at all
all i need is time, sacrifice and motivation

Sent at 1:47 PM on Friday

print this convo out
and paste it on your wall
do whatever
so that u remember
so u don't get caught up in your 'paying' job
that u forget about your passion
also remember
'not conflicting' is not good enough
would be better if your job was 'complementing'
but then again
one step at a time :)

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