Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Step One

The hardest part about starting something new, is actually starting it. Today I finally started to post my paintings on this empty blog i have created awhile ago. This is going to be a record of my creative journey. I have posted two of my older paintings from 2006, the series was called In My Shoes. The two paintings are the better ones of the bunch in my opinion, and rather characteristic of my artistic development.

My college life, 2006, was a break through piece where i started to paint instead of draw with paint.

Monumental shoe, 2006, was the last painting of the series, but it was the first painting where i finally grasped the idea of what painting is all about. Light, started to play a critical role in the success of my painting.

Electro 1, 2007, was a exploration of my imagination. the image was inspired by an Electro DJ, who is a genius in mixing tracks. The twisted mind started to output some rather intriguing images, and i knew i was onto something....

more to come...

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